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As if by design and straight out of a Nancy Meyers movie; it only took Jaclyn and Lachlan a number of weeks in 2010 to decide that they were meant to be together. The lovers first met in Europe before parting ways, only for Lachlan to follow her home weeks later, not being able to keep going in London as he was suppose to. Their love story is one for the ages, and we loved hearing all about it.

So Jaclyn can you describe to us how you met?

We met in Amsterdam at a pub at 4 in the morning. It was the AFL grand final and the girls and I wanted to watch it live, as did he and the boys he was travelling with. We sat in front of them and just started talking from there and ended up going to a party with them later that day!

What places did you meet up with afterwards?

We met in Amsterdam and then arranged to meet up in Berlin the following week to watch the AFL grand final again ( it was the year of the tie)then I went to Scotland and Ireland with the girls and arranged to met up with Lachlan in London 2 weeks later. When I got there I didn’t leave his side. I even stayed at his hostel instead of the hostel I had booked with the girls!

How long were you travelling for and at what point did you meet each other?

Lachlan was travelling for 6 months and I was at 3 month mark when we met.

How long were you supposed to stay in London Lachlan?

Lachlan had a 2 year working visa, to stay and work in London as a shop-fitter. He only stayed for 8 months.

Lachlan, when did you know you had to return home to Melbourne (For Jaclyn)?

As soon as she left.

What did you think when Lachlan showed up?

Well he rang me which was normal as we were skyping from the day I got home. But one day he rang me and I asked him what he was doing he said he was having dinner with his parents. Straight away I thought either he’s home or his parents are over their! He told me he had come back from my birthday and I was so excited!

What do you love most about Lachlan?

I love his passion and loyalty. If you’re his friend he would take on the world for you.

What do you see in your future together?

Happiness and a family and maybe more trips to Greece!

What is Lachlan’s catch phrase?

Too much fun

What is Jaclyn’s favourite food?


If you were an animal, what would you be?

Lachlan would be a bulldog and Jaclyn would be a sloth.

Where are you right now?

Sitting in our backyard, sipping on wine watching Lachlan cook a spit!

Now for the wedding, can you tell us about the theme or style you were going for?

The theme was rustic; I also didn’t want anything matching. I love simplicity in asymmetrical. So with the tables I made sure all of the cactuses and succulents were in mismatching jars and cups. It was a theme I wanted to carry throughout the wedding.

Why you chose Flowerdale for the venue?

and I chose Flowerdale because it ticked all of the right boxes. I knew I wanted to get married outside and the fact we could get married by the river was even more special as Lachlan has grown up around rivers and lakes.

And for the flowers?

I wanted the flowers to suit the rustic theme and to blend in with our surroundings. So I chose Australian natives, I think they suited the theme best and blended with the native Australian landscape on which we got married. I didn’t want everything to match so having a shape that wasn’t round like a traditional bunch was important. I love the look of the greenery coming out of the side as well, it adds to the asymmetrical styling I was trying to achieve. I love how they came out!!

On the day Jaclyn wanted a bouquet for herself and each of her four bridesmaids, as well as a flower crown of simple gum leaves and gypsophila. Jaclyn's flower crown was made to stand out from the others and included lisianthus, gum leaves and gypsophila, the flowers were added to a pear head piece, the same that Jaclyn's mother Kim had worn at her own wedding.

Gypsophila was laid down both sides of the aisle, leading to the arbour that was hung between two trees. A long piece of twisted rope, draped with flowing white fabric was strung up between the trees located down by the river where the couple said their vows in front of family and friends. The arbour featured a corner of native flowers, adorned with Easter daisy's, gum leaves and banksias.

Lachlan his groomsmen and Jalcyn's father Rodney all wore a button hole of simple lisianthus and a few Easter daisy's.

At the reception, scattered silver buckets of flowers, a piece over the table seating arrangement, gift tables and cake décor were also featured on the day.

After 7 years together Jaclyn and Lachlan wed at Flowerdale estate in the warm afternoon of March 4th 2017. We look forward to them celebrating their first wedding anniversary together in a few weeks.

With love,

Florica x

For Jaclyn and Lachlan’s wedding we used a combination of the following : Silver dollar gum, Banksia, Easter daisy, Lisianthus (bush rose) and gypsophila.

Location: Flowerdale Estate Victoria

Photography: Duuet Wedding Photograhphy

MUA: Cosmetique Make Up

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